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The Tyra Law Firm, P.C. is an A.M. Best recommended law firm serving clients throughout Indiana from its office in Indianapolis. The emphasis of our practice is on insurance defense, including general liability, medical malpractice, and worker’s compensation defense; product liability; and general civil litigation at the trial and appellate levels, both state and federal.

1904 Photochrom of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument

1904 Photochrom of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument

Most of our work is for insurance companies and corporations, although we also provide legal services to individuals in selected litigation and other matters. We recognize that no legal matter is a small matter to the client. It is our obligation to re-earn the trust and confidence of all our clients on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, we endeavor to provide the same level of attention to every client.

The first value of each attorney in our firm is to uphold the obligations as officers of the court placed on us by the Supreme Court of Indiana, and by our personal set of ethics. These include both the ethical obligations of the Rules of Professional Conduct, and the obligation to conduct ourselves in a civil manner in our relationships with everyone with whom we deal, including judges, court personnel, witnesses, opposing counsel, and opposing parties. We realize that we must be ethical and civil, not despite the adversarial nature of the system in which we work, but because of it.

The second and third values are to provide the best legal services we possibly can, and to communicate properly with our clients. Neither of these two values is superior to the other. We must be attentive to moving each case along in an effective manner consistent with the values and wishes of the client, including the client’s views of litigating through trial as opposed to settlement. We always look for the most efficient way to close a file to the client’s satisfaction and with the minimum effort on the part ofthe client, particularly through summary disposition (motion to dismiss or motion for summary judgment).

We strive to keep current on developments in Indiana and federal law in the areas in which we practice, as well as trends in practice and procedure.

Effective client communication takes several forms. The most important aspect is to ask for and listen to the client’s priorities. One client will take a very firm position that is more likely to lead to trying a case. Another client may place a much higher value on settling relatively early in the litigation process. Similarly, one business client may place a higher priority on completing a project as quickly as possible, even if doing so may concede certain forms of financial advantage. Another business client may place a higher priority on taking additional time in negotiations, etc., to get every possible advantage in the final result. What one client considers a good result may not be the same as what another client considers a good result.

Effective client communication also includes timely and thorough reporting to the client of all developments in the pending legal matter, and consulting with the client on a regular basis regarding the plan for obtaining the optimum result in that matter. It also includes prior authorization from the client before engaging in any particularly expensive and/or time-consuming tasks in the course of working on the matter, consistent with the client’s guidelines and wishes. Timeliness includes not only reporting to the client, but also prompt response to the client’s inquiries, particularly returning phone messages from the client as soon as possible. The best attorney is of very limited value to a client who cannot reach that attorney.

Finally, effective client communication includes appropriate non-billable legal advice. We welcome calls from our clients with questions about matters and problems which have not been assigned to us on a billable basis. This is part of our total relationship with each client. We also welcome the opportunity to make presentations to our clients to raise their familiarity with those aspects of the law and the legal system with which they most frequently come in contact. Our objective is to be your most reliable source of legal services in the State of Indiana.

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