General Liability Insurance Defense

General liability insurance defense is the single largest part of the caseload of The Tyra Law Firm, P.C.  This area of practice includes auto and premises liability defense, as well as product liability, errors and omissions, construction defects, contractor liability for worksite accidents, uninsured and underinsured motorist claims and defense against allegations of civil rights violations and employment discrimination.

Since his discharge from the Navy JAG Corps and return to Indianapolis in 1987, the vast majority of Kevin Tyra’s legal experience has focused on insurance defense and insurance coverage.  This experience includes several years working as in-house counsel with Physicians Insurance Company of Indiana, later Medical Assurance of Indiana, gaining greater insight into the needs and interests of the claim professional to better serve both the insured client and the claim professional, including the importance of timely and effective reporting upon which the claim professional can make the best decisions regarding reserves and claim-handling strategy.

Industry, Science, Agriculture, and Literature

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Based on these years of experience, the attorneys of The Tyra Law Firm are sensitive to the perspectives and needs of the liability claim professional.  The liability claim professional therefore is fully justified in expecting the very best from their panel counsel, including prompt contact with the insured after the initial assignment, strict compliance with the liability carrier’s counsel guidelines, prompt and thorough reporting to the claim professional, involvement with experts at a suitable point in the case, keeping the insured and the claim professional apprised and in-the-loop regarding the plan for defending the case.

The attorneys of The Tyra Law Firm, P.C. evaluate every new assignment for the most effective means of resolving the case.  Particular attention is paid to whether the case is susceptible to a motion to dismiss or a motion for summary judgment.  Subject to the wishes of the client after consultation, in such cases the emphasis (and expenditure of resources) is focused on developing the facts regarding potentially-dispositive issues, to see if the case can be promptly disposed of before spending time and money on other issues, such as damages.

Moreover, the attorneys of The Tyra Law Firm, P.C. are ready to take cases to trial whenever dispositive motions and settlement negotiations have not disposed of the case.  Our attorneys have a track record of going to trial, and not changing our evaluation of our chances on the eve of trial.  The claim professional need not be concerned that he or she will have to change reserves at the last minute due to changes in the panel counsel’s evaluation of the case.

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